1. D

    American law enforcement, is a full-blown criminal enterprise

    "Former Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy John Mark Dougan confirms what I have asserted for decades, that American law enforcement, from local on up to the FBI, is little more than a full-blown criminal enterprise."
  2. nodle

    Bill C-309, if passed, would make it a crime to protest in a mask

    Man they really don't want people protesting do they? The Police will use this law as an excuse to attack demonstrations. If they want to stop a demonstration for some reason or other, they will just say that there were at least one masked person there...
  3. nodle

    DOJ: Violating a website's TOS should be a crime

  4. nodle

    Eyewitnees to crime and the remixs...
  5. nodle

    The classic crime

    This cd is decent.