1. nodle

    You now have to register your garden?

    Seems like there is a lot of talk on the internet on how the USDA is now wanting you to register your garden.
  2. nodle

    Converting MYISAM database tables to INNODB

    If your hosting has you set to MYISAM and you need to convert them to INNODB, follow this guide. This is to convert all your tables at once. You can do one table at a time but this is for all of them.  So before you do anything, back up your database Launch PHPMyAdmin. You must explicitly...
  3. WayneKerr

    Building a database

    I have a project of digitizing a register of over 85,119 things with with several attributes. 1 of 2 particular attributes 1 of 100 attributes within 53 or more places, Which are also in 55 or more places in 1 place out of 260 places 10 or more descriptors They also have 1 of 5 attributes...
  4. nodle

    Search Top Secret America's Database

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  5. nodle

    FBI prepares vast database of biometrics