1. D

    The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375

    When it comes to the dangers of high-interest credit card debt, Americans are savvier than ever. That hasn't stopped them from putting more on plastic than ever before. The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375, up nearly 3 percent from last year, according to Experian's annual...
  2. D

    U.S. military spends 42 million dollars a year on Viagra.

    We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world.When you break that down, it comes to $329,961.34 per household
  3. D

    IRS outsourcing debt collections to private contractors

    Did you know that since 2015 they have been outsourcing debt collections to private contractors? I guess the contractors got in trouble recently for convincing collectees that they should take out second mortgages on their home to pay off the IRS. 
  4. C Pav

    Government handling of money, the debt, etc.

    Ok, time to lay it down and just say how I feel. The government does not know how to handle money, debt or run efficiently at all. Here is the basic dirty fix. No more free hand outs and no more spending on worthless programs or other wasteful spending. If a small business operates like the...
  5. jmanz

    The upcoming debt crisis

    Good job Fed, let's kick the can down the road and do something that has failed miserably the past two attempts at "stimulus". Not good
  6. nodle

    US Debt Crisis

    For those of you that don't know what is happening this video is a nicely done and easy to watch.
  7. WayneKerr

    The REAL debt explained in one photo

  8. nodle

    Being a slave to debt

    This is so true. When me and C pav are driving we always look at these people out walking etc. They may not look like much, but maybe they are more right than us as we have to drive back to work and be a slave to the system.