1. nodle

    Dell 24" 144hz monitor

    Killer deal! $99 I grabbed one for that price plus free shipping. Hurry before they sell out!
  2. nodle

    Dropbox Pro account and $25 gift card

    Dell has a deal where Dropbox Pro is $40 off, plus you get a Dell $25 gift card for free also. Link.
  3. nodle

    Dell Black Friday ad 2015

    Looks like they are starting to leak.
  4. nodle

    Dell: Ps4 bundle

    Dell is offering the best PS4 deal. $400 gets you: A PS4 console       The Last of Us Remastered       Sony Silver headset       Three months of PlayStation Plus       A $100 Dell promo gift card that you could use on games (or anything else).      
  5. nodle

    Dell KACE Secure Browser
  6. nodle

    Dell and blown caps

    We deal with blown caps all the time (not as much anymore though due to better caps, soild caps etc.)
  7. nodle

    Intel paid Dell $6 billion to not use AMD products

  8. nodle

    Dell's mini computer

    What do you think?
  9. nodle

    Angry Dell tech call

    Someone had a bad day... GdoGRJuSPf4&rel
  10. D

    Dell Mulls Pre-Loading Linux on Consumer PCs,2933,257860,00.html
  11. C Pav

    First Dell buys Alienware now HP buying Voodoo

    What next?