1. nodle

    Updated Windows File Explorer design

    Microsoft’s Windows File Explorer has existed in the operating system since Windows 95, and it has served as a focal point for design concepts ever since. I’ve seen a variety of mockups over the years that try to redesign the File Explorer and modernize it, but Reddit user Alur2020 has really...
  2. nodle

    New design concept for windmills

    So we had some pretty strong winds here yesterday and it got me thinking about those wind farms and their spinning blades. Well why not do a new design with no moving visible parts. Basically it would have a funnel shape on the front to collect and channel the wind. Inside the intake would be a...
  3. nodle

    Let's design a new gold sluice

    So after watching Gold Rush I learned alot about gold sluice designs. Some are better than others and some designs just don't work. If follows pretty simple rules. Bring dirt in, wash dirt with water, large rocks come out, smaller dirt and rock get trapped in ripple when then have miners moss...
  4. nodle

    Arkham Knight Design Revealed

    I kinda like it.
  5. nodle

    Awesome helmet design
  6. nodle

    Steve Ballmer: We cannot let intel do chip design on Linux ever

    Are the worried? :annoyed: More emails here...
  7. nodle

    A new bed design

    I was thinking they need to make a bed with a hinge in the dead center. And on each side it has its own alarm clock. This is tied to one side of the hinge or the other. When the alarm goes off it drops one side or the other down, and the person rolls off the bed and wakes him up. I need one of...
  8. ndboarder

    Web design assistance

    So... I'm running out of projects to work on in my garage (or money to spend on fixing things for the moment too)  anyhow... I've been browsing about and looking at some apps to do some web design and want to try out OS X for it a bit as well (along with a few little sample scripts for things...
  9. nodle

    Web design

    A great site for the webmasters out there.
  10. nodle

    Interesting coffee cup design

    This is kinda cool.