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    Sites really are watching your every move
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    Journalist George Webb interview with Ella Free
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    Ballot Measures

    The people pass ballot measures only to have the legislature (or the Attorney General) gut them. I guess we'll have to pass a ballot measure that blocks changes to ballot measures. Bastards. 
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    Subaru vehicles

    Picked it up with 72,000 miles. Now has 78,000 miles. Sons ah bitches can't make something to last for 200,000 miles anymore. (2000.00 to fix head gasket)  Thank you for contacting Subaru of America, Inc. We appreciate you making us aware of your experience.  I am sorry to learn of the head...
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    Central Banks (exhaustive article)

    While they may have more propping up to do, they will likely have to increase their level of buying even more.  As it goes exponential… then we know the END IS NEAR.