1. nodle

    Iowa caucuses disaster

    So I have a question, from what I am seeing online is most people were voting with a phone app? How is this legal? I thought you had to show up at a voting both display your ID then they check your name and address from a list? Anyone can download an app and not have to show an ID. How do you...
  2. nodle

    Germans told to stock up for a disaster

    I kinda find this strange. Can you imagine America telling it's Citizens this? Source
  3. nodle

    Railroad in Quebec train disaster files for bankruptcy

    This is pretty sick. They basically just did this so that they won't have to pay the families that will sue. Then all they will have to do is open up under a new company name and save their money. :mad...
  4. nodle

    BP board game foretold Gulf disaster

    http://imgur.com/dxE4b.jpg http://fieldnotes.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/07/06/4621357-bp-board-game-foreshadows-gulf-disaster?Gt1=43001
  5. nodle

    In Event of Moon Disaster