1. nodle

    AdGuard public DNS

    After playing with AdGuard and being pleasantly surprised with this browser blocking capability, I saw that they have a public DNS that will block them at the root level. No software to install, just pointing to their DNS servers and they will do the filtering. I don't think it's as good as the...
  2. nodle

    Quad 9 DNS Servers

    I have been forcing all my work DNS queries to Cloudflare, but recently switched over to Quad 9 for a little bit more security. I just switched my home network over tonight as well. They also support DoH as well. Quad9 | A public and free DNS service for a better security and privacy Lawrence...
  3. nodle

    NextDNS - Network wide DNS filter

    What do you think of NextDNS? Basically a DNS that works somewhat like a Pihole or Adguard. Basically it's a DNS where all your traffic flows though that has built in adblock and malware lists. There is a pay version that gives you a control panel I believe as well. NextDNS - The new firewall...
  4. nodle

    Cloudflares new DNS

    Cloudflare announced today its first consumer product ever, the DNS service. Focused on speed and privacy, harnesses the power of the huge and widely distributed infrastructure built worldwide by Cloudflare to provide the fastest DNS service to date, according to DNSPerf, and as...
  5. nodle

    Alternative DNS servers

    Anyone use alternative DNS for their web surfing? The most popular DNS is Googles I would say. But Comodo actually has a good set out there. One thing Comodo's does is filter out alot of harmful stuff. More Reliable - Comodo Secure DNS's server...
  6. nodle

    DYN DNS no longer free

    Wow R.I.P.
  7. nodle

    Google's public dns