1. nodle

    CIA releases tons of new UFO documents

    The CIA has just released a ton of new UFO documents. The site below has searchable .PDFs or you can download the entire CD-ROM collection.
  2. nodle

    Dark Overlord threatens to release 9/11 insurance documents

    Think it's a ploy for ransom demands, or do you think they have material? Source
  3. nodle

    JFK assassination documents

    So finally I believe after 40 years this month the JFK assassination documents are suppose to be unsealed. There has been a lot of rumors about this lately. People say it won't happen, or they will get re-sealed for "national security". But it looks as if Trump still plans on releasing them...
  4. nodle

    CIA posts trove of UFO documents

    CIA releases secret UFO reports and photos
  5. nodle

    10 Fascinating Sealed Documents
  6. nodle

    New Zealand releases four decades of secret UFO documents