1. nodle

    Boston Dynamics 'Dog' real purpose

    I saw people talking about this today. They couldn't believe someone would add this to one of DARPA 'dogs'. This was the whole purpose from the beginning, is there any real surprise here. That is the whole purpose of DARPA in the first place. Uh Oh, They Strapped a Sniper Rifle to a Robot Dog...
  2. D

    Get Rid of Your Pre-911 Mentality
  3. nodle

    Dog teleports out of nowhere during a street race in Chile
  4. WayneKerr

    Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog I don't recall how I came across this, but I have listened to this about 10 times today.
  5. jmanz

    Dog stands guard over deceased owners grave for six years
  6. nodle

    Watch this dog eat her food

  7. nodle

    Temple of the Dog reunited

    Awesome! />
  8. jmanz

    Dog stays with owner during funeral I know there is a cat lover among us but you won't see this from a cat.
  9. nodle

    Hot diggity dog!

  10. WayneKerr

    Naughty dog, your so...

  11. nodle

    Dog of War

    Below: A titanium-toothed police dog
  12. nodle

    Dog 'prays' over his food

  13. nodle

    Guilty dog

  14. nodle

    Dog taught to smile!
  15. nodle

    Dog waiting for it's master
  16. nodle

    Paralyzed dog climbs Mount Washington in wheelchair

  17. nodle

    Dog watching TV

    A dog watching television.
  18. jmanz

    Dog chews off owner's toe-May have saved his life

    Dog chews off owner's toe -- and may have saved his life Katy Batdorff | The Grand Rapids Press Jerry and Rosie Douthette play with their terrier, Kiko, at their home in Rockford, Mich., on Sunday. Melissa Dahl writes: We've done stories before on dogs sniffing out diseases their owners...
  19. nodle

    Dog Raves His Face Off
  20. nodle

    A dog that yells ‘Batman’!