1. D

    Doom emulator
  2. nodle

    Doom E3 2015

    So I see they announced a new one. Always loved them. Downright scary.
  3. nodle

    The Forest of Doom

    Kinda stumbled across this. This reminds me of alot of the style of games that I use to right back in the Basic days. Since I couldn't make graphics I would write store and then let you choose. Kinda like a choose your own adventure book. Looks like the have modernized it while keeping an old...
  4. D

    Old Doom Level 1 midi

    Ah brings back memories.
  5. nodle

    CERN - what does it really do?

    The end is so beautiful, spend your time wisely folks... I have to admit though, it is beautiful
  6. nodle

    Doom 4 video game

    Man what a dream job this would be.