1. nodle

    What's everyone's internet speed?

    We haven't had one of these in a long time. Let's post our download/upload speeds. Funny story I have been on 100 down 12 up for quite some time now. I started having drop outs and the technician came over and I asked him when we were going to get bumped to 200 like the website says. He said...
  2. D

    Device Allows Cops Access to All of Your Smartphone Activity

  3. nodle

    Xbox's extended download

    I don't know if those of you know that they xbox has this feature or not. I was browsing around last night and went to my settings and found this option. What it does is allows you to turn of the system and keep downloading your downloads then completely shut off the system after that. I like to...
  4. L

    Download Hulu content w/out commercials

    My link Get it before it gets pulled
  5. WayneKerr

    How to download youtube videos

    So today someone asked me how to download youtube videos. I said I was sure it could be done, and I tried one program, but it didn't work... It was a website actually, but anyway..... So when I got some PC time at home today, I found It worked for the one video I tried. I...
  6. nodle

    Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

    A great little program to throw your .iso onto flash for install. I did this to my windows 7. Worked great! Thanks MS!
  7. ndboarder

    Apple pushing Safari download

    Well apparently Apple is learning from the best.  Microsoft pushes stuff out to people all the time, and of course if you install MSN you get offered all that other crap that you have to uncheck.  How many apps out there push the Google Toolbar?  Well now Apple is doing this with their new...
  8. nodle

    Like to download tv shows?

    You filthy  :pirate: Neat torrent program! it works: Instructions