1. D

    Windows 10 + print drivers = grrr

    They've went backwards here. I can just feel the anger coming on.
  2. ryanator

    Tony Stewart hits and kills other driver out on track. It's not too gory in itself, but shows clearly what happened. Tony Stewart swiped another car with his rear right tire, then the other guy, Kevin Ward Jr., gets out of his car and confronts Stewart as he came...
  3. nodle

    Driver that struck teen suing dead boy's family

  4. nodle

    Be a defensive driver

    Driving home yesterday from work I came up over a hill and was driving along and I notice the road was a little different color up the way so I slowed down. Some dump truck must had spilled not only dirt all over the road but small river rock gravel also. So I slowed down and drove over it. It...
  5. nodle

    Crazy driver in Moscow
  6. nodle

    Court lets drunken driver write off truck damage
  7. nodle

    Widow Of Drunk Driver Denied Insurance Benefits

    What are your thoughts on this? Robyn told me that if you commit suicide it's the same way. Should the widow of a man who was killed while driving drunk be entitled to life insurance benefits? Cigna doesn't think so, and has termed his death "intentionally self-inflicted." ...
  8. nodle

    Embedded printer driver

    Ok you know what a pain it is getting a printer driver. You have to go to the manufacturers website find your model etc. Why not have a small embedded memory chip say a 512mb super cheap and tiny on the board of the printer. All this stores in the model number of itself and then when you connect...
  9. nodle

    Judge's daughter sues driver she ran into during crash

    WOW the world is retarded!
  10. nodle

    Dog driver prank
  11. nodle

    Double Driver

    With Double Driver you can view which drivers are installed in your system and you can backup the drivers you choose, save and print the drivers list, and more.
  12. ndboarder


    Ok, computer related, but despite the heading I don't really mean one driver for all devices.  With flash memory getting as small and cheap as it is, I think they need to rethink plug - n - play ability.  Rather than bloating an OS with tons of pre-installed drivers why not just one.  This...
  13. ndboarder

    Will ATI finally offer decent driver support for Linux

    "According to a presentation at Ubuntu Live 2007, Dell is working on getting better ATI drivers for Linux for use in its Linux offerings. While it is not known whether the end product will end up as open source, with big businesses like Google and Dell now behind the push for better Linux...