1. nodle

    Car wash wand dryer

    I was lying in bed thinking of this, why don't those quarter cash wash places where you get the wand sprayers have a wand dryer? It would be a wand that has a 15-degree nozzle in it like a power washer that sprays compressed air. So, after you get done washing your vehicle and want to dry it you...
  2. nodle

    Dryer repair man

    So I become a dryer repair man last night. My wife's dryer started squeaking real bad. Took it out to the garage and disassembled the entire thing. I can't believe the dryer lint that was built up! There are not to much to them. Pulled the drum out and all. Tonight I will take it outside and...
  3. ndboarder

    FS: Washer and Dryer for sale

    GE Washer and Dryer for sale.  I bought these brand new less than a year ago and they are in terrific shape.  The house we bought also has a washer and dryer in it, so these are up for sale to a lucky someone.  I paid a little over $660 for the pair and am asking $400.  Information and web...