1. nodle

    E3 2017 convention

    Who's body is ready for what?
  2. nodle

    Doom E3 2015

    So I see they announced a new one. Always loved them. Downright scary.
  3. nodle

    Major sites E3 verdicts

    Eurogamer: Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap. The Verge: Uncharted vs. Master Chief: Sony and Microsoft square off at E3 2014 ExtremeTech: Sony wins E3 2014: Microsoft gambled on games, and lost CNET: E3 death match: Microsoft and Sony battle for gaming supremacy
  4. nodle

    God Of War at E3?

    Will this be the game that makes @ndboarder come to the dark side? ?1 https://twitter.com/SonySantaMonica/statuses/473292979587665920
  5. nodle

    Now that E3 is over, which system for you?

    So which one are you going with now that E3 is over? Which will be your next gen console?
  6. nodle

    Microsoft reveal 'Xbox Smart Glass' tablet at this year's E3

    Microsoft is trying to get a jump on the wii U. http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/large_lightbox/hash/c4/d8/c4d8e01267ec02b9d8e3b9337e9f0a07.jpg...
  7. ndboarder

    Xbox news from E3 (jmanz it got ESPN btw - go order now)

    Below are some notes on the E3 event. I watched it, but these aren't my notes, so i'm not responsible for some opinions. Ask if you have quesitons on any of it Rough handed notes from the event: new RPG from Bethesda focuses on co-op hunted: the demons forge deadliest warrior: the...
  8. C Pav

    Pre E3 comments and takes by Corey. Your takes?

    So if you have been reading any technology and/or video game news you have surely heard the big announcements from the big 3. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all started off with major pre E3 announcements concerning future systems and games. I will now give my take on all that has been...