1. nodle

    Ai for an email spam filter

    Here is a million-dollar idea. Since we have been discussing Ai in another thread, why not make an Ai bot to filter email spam messages. Since Ai thinks it's so smart, let's make a spam filter that utilizes it to know what is a legit email, vs. a spam email.  I only thought of this since I have...
  2. nodle

    Spark - email client

    Has anyone ever used Spark for their email client? I know it's free and it seems like people enjoy it.  The best email client for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android | Spark (
  3. nodle

    Windows 10 native email client

    So I haven't really had to play with Windows 10's built in email client until I was helping this old man. What a piece of shit it is. So modern that you can't even find your way around. Very, very limited on the options as well. Basically just an IMAP client to sync. As long as your using one of...
  4. nodle

    Strange flag found hidden in Wikileaks email

    So apparently this strange flag was found in in a Wikileaks email using steganography. It's strange, the owl is used in many things from our money to the first thing that I thought of was the Bohemian Grove. Real? Fake? Source
  5. WayneKerr

    Dammit. Missed registering an email address

    Missed registering an email address on gmail. Any other hip email domains?
  6. nodle

    Strange email this morning

    Wow this is really weird. I was kinda talking about this with someone else this morning. I check my email, and I received this strange email that I will post below. It's not really spam (as far as I can tell) just an email from an email address that I have never heard of. The really freaky part...
  7. nodle

    Man faces 5 years in prison for reading his wife's email
  8. nodle

    Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment

    Great work EFF!
  9. nodle

    UK Teen banned from the US for life for writing email to Obama
  10. WayneKerr

    White House Now Without Email, Forced to Print Memos

    White House Now Without Email, Forced to Print Memos, Reactivate Pony Express HAHAHAH WTFWEAREDOOMEDAAAAAAAARRHHHHH
  11. J

    Bill Gates Sends Angry Email to Microsoft

    This is a little but still funny. (Disclaimer this isn?t a new message but one from 2003) Oh boy Bill Gates retirement is drawing near and everyone is writing about their favorite things about him, making jokes, and so forth. Well he Seattle P-I is doing a fine job of reporting about Bill...
  12. D

    NSA Gets Real Time Access to Your Email
  13. D

    Email Tax Coming