1. jmanz

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Anyone seen this yet? Reading really good things about it from people on the internets.
  2. jmanz

    Yellowstone the series

    Started watching Yellowstone last night, a couple episodes in. I can see why it is so popular. Very good.
  3. nodle

    Post your favorite movie posters

    I think this will be fun. What would be your favorite movie posters of all time? I'll start...
  4. ndboarder

    Sony Home Entertainment Center

    Bit of a hefty price tag at $3500, but this would be pretty darn sweet.  See quote below and link for more info and a pic.  Starts shipping next week apparently. LINK
  5. ndboarder

    Nice home entertainment setup

    The setup shown at the link below looks like something davec needs to implement. http://www.hometheaternetwork.com/HTN_BDlarge.htm