1. nodle

    Military training exercise in L.A.

    Just happened yesterday. Some day they are training for all the turmoil happening right now down in South America. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/US-Army-Conducts-Training-in-Los-Angeles-Area-505347111.html
  2. jthock

    Best way to exercise at home?

    I was thinking running stairs - my treadmill is in MT and I'm visiting my mom in Iowa. Doing school, saving money... anyhow, I need to lose about 20 pounds. I'm eating fairly healthy but my cardio has been way down for the last 3 months. I also didn't get a chance to bring my bike. Frustrating...
  3. nodle

    Pickle juice before exercise

    Romans drank "Posca" before battles, it was a diluted spice vinegar wine.
  4. nodle

    365 days of exercise