1. nodle

    Bill Gates buying up all the farmland to get rid of cattle?

    I have been reading about Bill Gates buying up farmland as fast as possible and now he is the largest owner of farmland. He is really pushing for synthetic beef, and it has to make you wonder if that is the reason he is buying up all this farmland to force people to go that way, when there is no...
  2. nodle

    $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields

    Wait a second here, isn't this what it's suppose to be anyways? These farmers are complaining because they hired an illegal worker to pay them low wages and would rather have their crops rot instead of paying a person what they deserve? I am sure they will just say that they have a bad year and...
  3. nodle

    Suburban farming

    I can see this catching on more with rising food prices. We have come so far but we are starting to go back to our roots. I thought in the future we were suppose to have machine that produced food instantly. Instead we are going back to the way it was in the beginning...