1. nodle

    Spoiled kid sets his Ferrari on fire

    In a bizarre case out of Europe, a 20-year-old Swiss man reportedly set fire to a Ferrari 458 Italia given to him by his father in a half-baked scheme to use the insurance money to upgrade to a new model. Incredibly, the spoiled brat is said to have had 14 other cars (including a Lamborghini) at...
  2. nodle

    Ferrari 488 GTB revealed

    670hp - 100 more than the 458 760Nm (560lb ft) of torque - 220 (162lb ft) more than the 458 Also has 50% more downforce and less drag than the 458.
  3. nodle

    Ferrari La Ferrari

    And now the new Ferrari.
  4. nodle

    The Ferrari Enzo offroad edition

    I love the plates. Makes me cry to see him driving it like this though and getting it dirty.
  5. nodle

    Don't run over cops in your ferrari

  6. jmanz

    Ferrari Sales Surge in U.S.

    Life in the Fast Lane: Ferrari Sales Surge in U.S. By Daniel Gross There's mass luxury, like, say Starbucks. There's affordable luxury, like the occasional trip to Saks or Neiman Marcus. And then there's unaffordable luxury, like Ferrari, the Italian car brand whose entry-level vehicles start...
  7. nodle

    My goat has a Ferrari

  8. nodle

    The next Ferrari
  9. nodle

    Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  10. nodle

    Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina

    "The much-anticipated Ferrari P 4/5 by Pininfarina has finally been unveiled. The car was created for collector James Glickenhaus, and is valued at over $3 million. It was inspired by the P4 racer of the 1960s. Essentially, the P4/5 is a rebodied Ferrari Enzo, with a Pininfarina-designed...