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  1. nodle

    Amazon Fire Tablets

    So Amazon had a sale over the weekend with $25.00 off their Fire HD 8" version. I also had some credit left over so it only cost me $40 for one. We have the smaller version maybe last years or the year before and my Daughter plays with it. But the screen always seemed small to me. This model is...
  2. nodle

    Fire HD 7 Tablet $79.00

    Today only. Good deal! Amazon
  3. nodle

    Kindle Fire HD 16 GB from $129

    Kindle Fire HD and HDX are on sale at Amazon. Save $20-$40 depending on model. Prime members can save an additional 10%. Linky. That's: Kindle Fire HD 16 GB from $129, Kindle Fire HDX from $199, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" from $339.