1. nodle

    Firewalla Blue - Cybersecurity Firewall Review

    I ran across this little device awhile ago. It is almost like a Pi-hole in some ways, but also does so much more. Just plug it into your network and then you have full control. Also no monthly fees. They do have a new 'blue' version due out in February.
  2. nodle

    Bypass any Firewall or Throttling ISP with SSH

    For those of you that are stuck. Link
  3. nodle

    USB Key Hardware Firewall

    This beast looks sweet! Yoggie Security Systems has squeezed a complete hardware firewall for Windows systems into a USB key sized form-factor. The "Yoggie Pico" runs Linux 2.6 along with 13 security applications on a 520MHz PXA270, a powerful Intel processor popular in smartphones and other...
  4. nodle

    China's firewall

    Neat little site to see if a web site is censored in China.
  5. nodle

    Comodo Personal Firewall'm trying it out here at work and seems nice.
  6. nodle

    What do you use for a firewall?

    Does any one use one besides your router? If so which do you prefer?