1. ryanator

    AC charger broken pin fix - MacGuyver edition

    So I had a Dell charger that had a broken center pin. The easiest thing I had around that was the same diameter (~ 1/32")was a small steel paper clip. Steel has some conductivity, so I thought I'd try it. I had a 1/32" drill bit for my dremel, I used a small automatic center punch to get a nice...
  2. nodle

    Windshield Chip Fix

    So we got a small chip in our new windshield a couple of months ago. It's not large and hasn't spread. We have a windshield place that does amazing work fixing them, but I saw that Amazon sells kits. I picked one up and am going to try it myself. I watched a few Youtube videos on it as well. I...
  3. nodle

    Ford Ranger cruise control fix

    So my cruise control in my truck had intermittent problems with staying on. Apparently this is a know problem for Ford vehicles around my year. There was a factory recall years ago for some of the problems. Mine had the recall new cable but they never replaced the part (not all were required)...
  4. nodle

    Ford Ranger airbag code #27 fix

    So the other day my airbag light came on in my truck. I came home and thanks to the power of the internet I was able to find a how to. The replacement part cost $150. But I was able to take about my lower part pull the circuit board. Re-solder a light and sure enough it's all fixed. Took about...
  5. nodle

    We can fix your hard drive

  6. nodle

    Official Microsoft fix it tool
  7. nodle

    Corey fix my printer

  8. nodle

    Lets just keep throwing money at it to fix the problem

    Bernanke: Fresh stimulus worth considering