1. nodle

    Miami Florida mall aliens

    Yes, we have all seen these videos/posts being posted everywhere lately online. People are claiming 10-foot-tall aliens landed and walked around a Miami shopping mall. I personally don't believe it. What is your thought?
  2. D

    Florida Shooting

    The whole thing smells. How did the kid buy 10 guns working for the dollar store? Why are there reports of multiple shooters. FBI knew about him. The police called or visited him 32 times. Another gun grab is going to be attempted. Those evil looking AR.
  3. D

    Florida sheriff urged citizens to arm themselves

  4. nodle

    Florida Woman pays $164K per year to live on luxury cruise ship

  5. nodle

    Miami cop arrested at gunpoint by Florida HWY patrol

  6. nodle

    Florida man arrested on charges threatening to assassinate Obama

    Well that didn't take to long, and he's not even in office yet, more news coming later...