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  1. nodle

    People selling items online

    I don't know why these types posts makes me so mad, but they do. You know what I am talking about. The local classifieds pages on Facebook and other places. There are different types of posters I see all the time: The I want more than what's it even worth for it person. They are asking more for...
  2. nodle

    Xbox For Sale?

    Wow I wonder if this is true? They trting to get out of it. I know that Bill Gates didn't want to even do it anymore awhile back. Source
  3. nodle

    Predator house for sale

    Guess this is in Sweden and up for sale. %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//[/img]
  4. nodle

    Barnes and Noble up for sale

    So what do you think that this means for the nook? I wonder how bad this will be?
  5. ndboarder

    FS: Washer and Dryer for sale

    GE Washer and Dryer for sale.  I bought these brand new less than a year ago and they are in terrific shape.  The house we bought also has a washer and dryer in it, so these are up for sale to a lucky someone.  I paid a little over $660 for the pair and am asking $400.  Information and web...
  6. nodle

    For sale Zune audio player

    I am selling my 30gig Zune in white color, it is in Mint condition, not one scratch, never dropped and battery always drained correctly. Comes with all accessories which have never been opened more than the transfer cable. I'd like to emphasize than this thing is mint, not a scratch. Forgive me...
  7. nodle

    For sale - iPod

    I have for sale a 30gig Ipod black in color. It also includes a Belkin leather flip cover case, and a Iskin black case. It also includes the offical Ipod dock, but it is in white color. The thing has never been dropped and only used to and from work. I have no complaints with it, it's just i got...
  8. C Pav

    Actual K.I.T.T. car used in Knight Rider up for sale

    It's one of the 4 used in the series:
  9. jmanz

    Rich Franklin's H2 For Sale

    The ride he won for doing the Ultimate Fighter show for sale on Ebay.  Pretty sweet.
  10. D

    Nice Ad in the "For Sale" section