1. nodle

    Norm Macdonald R.I.P

    I am sure that most of you saw that Norm Macdonald died yesterday. He was a unique comedian. R.I.P. Norm Macdonald Dead: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Alum & Veteran Comic Was 61 – Deadline
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    Ned Flanders Adidas shoes
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    This picture really sums up America in 2020

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    Girl named ‘Abcde’ mocked by Southwest gate agent

    The mother says the name is pronounced "ab-city". I am sorry if you name your kid this way that kid is going to have problem all it's life. Link
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    Funny story that happened at a gas station

    This happened a few weeks ago, but I was just thinking about it. Have you ever watched those videos online of someone stealing someones parking spot in a big city at either a parking lot or on a city street? Well a few weeks ago we were getting ready to out of a town on a Saturday and I needed...
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    Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe from false rape accusations

    Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe from false rape accusations: If you go to a party, either have only one drink, or only drink soda or water, so you can keep your wits about you. Never get tipsy around people you don't know and trust fully—it could come back to haunt you later. Even around people...
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    Bad things you have done at your work

    Let's post thing bad things that we have done at our work. Please don't use the location or companies names. I'll start us off. One of my very first jobs one evening I thought it would be cool to miss pool chemicals together. Little did I know that ammonia and bleach don't go together. Let's...
  8. D

    Funny Hog Hunt in Texas

  9. nodle

    The Jerma Rumble!

    Here you go I have been watching these at work all day.
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    The many faces of cars

    I enjoyed this. %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//[/img]
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    Gary The Goat

    Love this guys channels and his videos.
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    Fast Nein: The Fast and the Führer

    Filmmaker trying to raise 100 million to make "Fast Nein: The Fast & The Fuhrer" where the Fast & Furious team go back in time to race Hitler!
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    Real life Street Fighter

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    Funny Black Friday ads

    These are great!
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    Chinese time travel?

    The Back to the Future music was a nice touch.
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    Thing's that make you laugh (part deux)

    *HISTORY So shame on me for a itchy finger, but I deleted the old "things that make you laugh thread". I feel sick about it, but nothing I can do about it, so onward with a new one then.
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    Gym thug funny video

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    Soccer player sexually assaulted by Brazilian goalkeeper

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    Funny reaction to general anesthesia

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    Hood Dad funny meme