1. nodle

    You now have to register your garden?

    Seems like there is a lot of talk on the internet on how the USDA is now wanting you to register your garden.
  2. nodle

    Garden irrigation

    So I built my wife two raised garden beds this year so that she could grow some vegetables. I am trying to make this easier for her on watering. I am going to setup a small drip style system. I purchased a valve box this morning along with a automated timer. I am going to bury most of the valve...
  3. nodle

    Olive Garden offering $100 Pasta Pass

    Works Oct. 5 - Nov. 22 (49 days)       2 types of passes available: Individual [$100] and Family [$300] (1000 of each)       Individual pass only entitles passholder to offer       Family pass entitles holder and up to 3 guests to offer (in-restaurant offer)       In-restaurant redemptions...
  4. nodle

    Newman's own garden salsa

    I'm not a tomato man. I can only stand certain salsa also. Tried this stuff the other night and it has a great taste to it. In a strange way it's kinda taste like pizza sauce. Source...
  5. nodle

    Front lawn garden

    I like this. Plus think about how much money that they save.
  6. nodle

    Garden water

    What a great idea. Nothing is better than rain water.
  7. nodle

    Woman Faces 93-Days in Jail For Planting Vegetable Garden
  8. nodle

    Self Watering Mini Garden

    DIY web site Instructables details how to keep your plants healthy by building a self-watering planter from a couple of plastic IKEA storage boxes. The concept is simple. Two boxes are nested inside one another; the bottom box holds the water, and wicks made from string carry the water into the...
  9. ndboarder

    Do you like to Garden as a hobby?

    Well as seen in the recent purchase, we picked up a number of items last night to start work on the flower garden that surrounds the outside of our townhome.  One of these days when rain isn't in the forcast I need to get out and spray round up on everything.  There is a lot of crab grass in...