1. nodle

    Georgia guide stones – post-apocalypse instructions

    On a barren field in Georgia, US, five granite slabs rise in a star pattern. Each of them weighs over 20 tons and on top of them, there is a capstone. Nobody knows who built it, and why they were put there, but it is believed that their purpose is to guide humanity after a predicted...
  2. nodle

    Breath of the Wild Hardcover Collector's Guide

    Looks like it's back down in price for those of you that are collectors. Cough @C Pav. Who know you probably already have it. Amazon link $24.00 bucks
  3. nodle

    Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse

    Browsing around on Amazon Prime tonight and saw this so I thought "why not"? It was actually pretty good and funny. I'll post the trailer below, but I would defiantly watch it if you want a good laugh...
  4. nodle

    Google tracks you. We don't. An illustrated guide

    Most of this I knew before, but it's actually a cool search engine. and the search engine.
  5. nodle

    DIY SSD Guide

    This is pretty sweet for the money. Cheap SSD!
  6. D

    Universal Windows Slipstreaming and Bootable CD Guide

    Slipstreamed and unattend automated.
  7. D

    DFI Overclocking Guide