gun control

  1. nodle

    They are coming for your guns, news and updates

    Since it seems like I might be bumping this up the next 4 years, might as well get it going with some news. Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Police Can Enter A Home To Seize Guns Without A Warrant (
  2. nodle

    Virginia and the 2nd Amendment

    VA's state government recently went entirely over to the Democrat Party, after being mostly Republican for quite a long time. With this legislative control, and partially in response to the Virginia Beach Shooting, they introduced some gun control bills with the following intent: Requiring...
  3. nodle

    Trump turning on his own people?

    Well I am not to pleased with statements like this, as I am not the only one. Is Trump turning on those that voted for him? SourceRevolution incoming?
  4. D

    Church Shooting "Will it lead to Gun Control?" Things are heating up.
  5. nodle

    NYPD putting body scanners on street corners for gun control

    Wow this is some scary stuff! 1984 anyone?