1. nodle

    Changing in the locker rooms at the gym

    Does anyone else hate getting dressed at the gym? We go down to our local YMCA quite often to swim. You try to find a spot to change real fast, since you have to take it all off to get in your swimming trunks. Let me tell you, a man never moves as fast whether you're taking off your underwear or...
  2. nodle

    Gym wildlife

    LMAO! @C Pav your gonna love it.
  3. nodle

    Is this what it has come to?

  4. WayneKerr

    Went to the gym today.

    I went to the gym today. Signed up for 3 month family plan on lunch break. Fast forward to this evening. Just got back. I picked up the bar with weights several times. Went on a run through the exercises in this stronglift 5x5 program that my friend down the road is doing. It seems...
  5. nodle

    Gym thug funny video

  6. nodle

    Now this is a gym

    Won't see any juice bar and pansys here. I bet @@ryanator worked out here. ;)
  7. nodle

    New workout routines
  8. nodle

    Cpav at the gym

  9. nodle

    Annoying guys at the gym

  10. jmanz

    Why Gamers are a Great Fit at the Gym
  11. nodle

    Guy takes shake weight to gym

  12. nodle

    Guy Loses It At The Gym

    Think this is real? Some say it's not. But some say is.
  13. ryanator

    Gym enthusiasts who make known their hugeness...

    Not a vent really, just that there was these two people at the West Comm Rec Center yesterday only doing only deadlifts for a couple of hours (not sure if one is that big cop or ex cop?).  So this one guy has 525 lbs on the bar and everytime he lifts is up and then when putting it down, let's...
  14. nodle

    Haunted Gym

    Video below:
  15. C Pav

    The gym...

    You know it if you have gone to work out at a gym there is always something that pisses you off. Here are a few: The weight jumpers who go from machine to machine, not really doing good sets and have bad form, and jump on your machine in the middle of your intense workout. How about the people...
  16. C Pav

    I am getting so sick of the gym!

    Okay, those ladies that don't care if someone is trying to get an actual real workout. I was doing back yesterday on one of those back row machines. I did 2 sets, never wiped it off, and never took the weights off. I go to get a drink of water and while walking back to the machine she is taking...
  17. jmanz

    How to get kicked out of your gym in 10 days or less.

    How To Get Kicked Out Of Your Gym In Ten Days Or Less! Day 1 Bring your own music use a boom box and turn it up to inspiration levels and start working out. ACDCs Thunderstruck should do the trick. Day 2 Set up a circuit like one of my typical Workouts of the Day and put a sign up at...
  18. ndboarder

    Gym Class Heroes

    Anyone ever heard of these guys before? I haven't had much to do at work today and have spent quite a bit of time in flux, and on youtube (got too ambitious this morning and finished as much as I can for the time being). I don't generally sit and look around at the videos on youtube, but I...
  19. nodle

    Bowflex gym equipment

    I would sure like to have one of these, does anyone have one? I have tried out their free wieghts before and I thought they were nice.