1. nodle

    Solar Warden - Secret military space program

    I always found this interesting and came across it tonight as was surprised that we didn't have a topic on it, so now we will. Sounds to me that they left Gar McKinnon alone because they knew it would open up a whole can of worms. Think it's true?
  2. nodle

    Twitch hacked

    Literally everything. Twitch.tv was hacked 'in entirety'; leak includes creator payouts - 9to5Mac
  3. nodle

    State of Georgia hacked by Homeland Security

    And here they are looking to blame the Russians hacking America, when it was their own kind. Source
  4. ryanator

    Ebay hacked.

    Uh, this seems pretty big. http://money.cnn.com/2014/05/21/technology/security/ebay-passwords/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 They are saying for everyone to change their password. Ebay is a major source of info and stuff, wow.
  5. nodle

    AP Twitter account hacked claims of explosions at White House

    http://cdn2.sbnation.com/entry_photo_images/8073675/Screen_Shot_2013-04-23_at_1.15.36_PM_large_verge_medium_landscape.jpg Anyone that follows the Associated Press on Twitter just heard "news" of an unprecedented national crisis. "Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,"...
  6. nodle

    Gawker media gets hacked

    Basically they made fun of Anonymous and so they hacked them... Some Gawker employees got their emails, twitter accounts, dropbox accounts hacked. Also servers, databases, chat logs, everything basically.
  7. WayneKerr

    Microsoft Kinect hacked already?

  8. nodle

    Hacked devices

  9. nodle

    PS3 official hacked

    So it is official that a few day ago it is finally hacked. So what now? Here comes the homebrew and the pirated games. http://geohotps3.blogspot.com/2010/01/heres-your-silver-platter.html
  10. nodle

    PS3 finally hacked?

  11. nodle

    Hacker loses extradition appeal- Hacked Pentagon

  12. nodle

    Vista hacked again