1. nodle

    Xbox wireless headset (official) on sale

    Man this is an excellent price for these. If you have been waiting now is the time. I paid way more and I think they still are the best headset for the Xbox myself. Don't miss this deal! Amazon $88.01
  2. nodle

    Razer products for computers

    Has anyone ever used their stuff? I think I have a older Death adder that i still haven't used yet, But I always like the feel of their mechanical keyboards. I got to feel their new Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard keys and really liked it. Apparently you have to use their software for their...
  3. ndboarder

    Virtual reality and headsets

    Ready about it, find vids of it, etc. I'm pretty skeptical. Will be interesting to see if the people at the Win 10 event, who will apparently get to try it later today, have to say as far as if it actually works. If it does work as well as they showed during the event, then I guess I need...
  4. nodle

    Sony wireless headset

    Alot of people seem to like these. Great for people that like to game without making noise. You can also use on pc and other places. Also has built in mic. All the reviews are positive.
  5. ndboarder

    PS3 headset

    So does anyone have a BT headset they use?
  6. nodle

    Bluetooth headsets

    I am sorry but these were invented for a purpose, and the purpose isn't walking around with one in your ear all day. Reality check for you... "YOU LOOK LIKE A TARD". You are not some sort of robot with a mic in your ear. You do no look 'futuristic'. You look like a tard. That is all...