1. J

    Imaging Server

    Afternoon all, it's been awhile since I have posted here. We currently have a server here in the office and I was asked if I would like to work on it to create an image server. Would anyone have any experience doing this? This is new to me
  2. nodle

    Image compression

    I thought I would post this link to this website: There are a few sites that use this. But I use these sites to compress my images so that web pages load much faster. You really don't use an sort of image quality either. I thought I would post it in case others would want...
  3. nodle

    Eerie Image Captured in Woods by Deer-Stand

    This is from Ludes...
  4. nodle

    Hunter's Infrared Camera Captures Images of UFO
  5. D

    Mars Pictures: NASA's Most Extraordinary Images EVER (PHOTOS)
  6. nodle

    Tinyeye image finder website

    Have a wallpaper or image that you want to find the source of? Tinyeye maybe be able to help.
  7. nodle

    Windows 7 image resizer (powertoys clone)

    Well looks like someone has released a clone for Microsoft's powertoy except it's for windows 7. Works perfect.
  8. nodle

    Death and taxes (large image)
  9. nodle

    Teens capture images of space with 56 camera and balloon
  10. C Pav

    Google images search game.

    Ok, turn off safe search and then search for something on google images that usually isn't considered NSFW. Post here how many pages until you get a not safe for work picture. I'll start with magnum..... Made it to page 4.
  11. Ludacris

    Image from far side of the moon.

    WTF is the tower in the center large enough to have it's own shadow??
  12. nodle

    Vector an image
  13. nodle

    Image Collection - Carnivorous Plants
  14. nodle

    Security Camera Captures Image of Ghost

    Kinda weird, don't know what to say...  :smt102
  15. nodle

    Image of Minotaur labyrinth found

    If anyone can find this photo i would love to see it. An ancient image of the mythological Minotaur labyrinth has been found in Bulgaria. Bulgarian National Radio said the artifact depicting the legendary labyrinth of King Minos was discovered near the village of Golyam Derven, the Sofia News...
  16. D

    Satellite Images Reveal Mysterious Objects In Dragon Triangle
  17. nodle

    Post cool gun pics-image heavy

    Let's see some cool gun pics.
  18. nodle

    Dream setups-image heavy

    Lets see some dream setups that you would love to have. First off a Cray supercomputer