1. nodle

    Mysterious hole drilled from inside space capsule

    Video in the link you will have to watch, they said it came from the inside, and you can actually see the drill marks in the video where someone missed a couple of times and scraped the metal. Video in Link
  2. nodle

    Inside - video game

    Well I ended up beating this game last night. It was a great game, but I don't know I didn't really care for the ending. The whole game had a almost "Half Life 2" feel to it. I liked the beginning a lot. A couple of puzzles really made you think, but I never did look up for help and eventually...
  3. nodle

    Inside an AK-74

    Nicely done video!
  4. nodle

    Inside a 2015 Macbook Air

    I thought it was fake at first, but no it's the real deal minus the batteries.
  5. nodle

    Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  6. nodle

    Inside a birdhouse

  7. D

    Human sex from the inside out
  8. nodle

    Britain Monitoring Families Inside Their Homes

    1984 anyone?
  9. nodle

    Warning: Adult Link Inside :-D