1. nodle

    Installed L.E.D. light bar

    So this weekend I bought my Dad a L.E.D. light bar for the front of their vehicle. Around here they are a big item. You see them mounted on every type of vehicle, from side by sides, to trucks, to even cars. Their old vehicle had two small square lights mounted on a bracket over their license...
  2. nodle

    Microsoft makes Office single-install, tied to one machine fun admins for companies!
  3. nodle

    Ninite - an easy way to install programs
  4. nodle

    Windows install DVD into an installation flash drive
  5. nodle

    How to install Windows 7 with a USB flash drive
  6. nodle

    Try before you install

    This is a nice site, where you can try out web based apps out before you install them.
  7. nodle

    Easy install for video cards in Linux

    Wow this looks like it makes it real easy...
  8. C Pav

    Got the car audio/video install of course!

    Just got it back yesterday so here are pictures of everything installed: