1. nodle

    Dark Overlord threatens to release 9/11 insurance documents

    Think it's a ploy for ransom demands, or do you think they have material? Source
  2. D

    Unemployment Insurance

    Has anyone been on unemployment recently? Does ya have any tips?
  3. nodle

    Vision insurance, what is the point?

    So explain this to me. What is the point of having some insurances? I mean some are worth it, but let's take my eye for example. At my old job I had 100% Blue Cross, Blue Shield for my vision. Now I no longer have vision, but it was still cheaper out of pocket to pay full price than to have...
  4. nodle

    Let's talk insurance companies

    I would like to know what insurance companies you recommend. The reason is I have been with State Farm since I have been about 16, and just wondering if it's worth getting a quote from another company. I see all they hype for Progressive, Geico etc. I just wish didn't require so much personal...
  5. nodle

    2M Progressive Insurance Dongles Are Vulnerable To Attack

    I'll just leave this here... ;) If you have Progressive Insurance, you will definitely want to read this. Thuen, a security researcher at Digital Bond Labs who will present his findings at the S4 conference in a talk titled Remote Control Automobiles, has been figuring out how he might hack...
  6. nodle

    Making police carry their own insurance

    So everyday, and I mean everyday I see more and more videos on the internet and news stations about police abusing their power. Tasing, killing etc. Most of them end up getting "suspended with pay" Which is basically a vacation. Rarely they are ever tried or stand accountable for their actions...
  7. nodle

    All things Obamacare

  8. nodle

    Muslims are exempted from the mandate to purchase insurance

    Can someone shed some light on this? Is this legit? The only thing I could find...
  9. nodle

    Widow Of Drunk Driver Denied Insurance Benefits

    What are your thoughts on this? Robyn told me that if you commit suicide it's the same way. Should the widow of a man who was killed while driving drunk be entitled to life insurance benefits? Cigna doesn't think so, and has termed his death "intentionally self-inflicted." ...
  10. ryanator

    F'n doctors and insurance!!!

    A few weeks ago I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to test my sinuses and allergy testing.  The doctor only was with me for 10 minutes, checked a few things, shined a light up my nose, and gave me some Clarinex pills (note he did not do any extensive testing).  He said to come back a...
  11. Ludacris

    Got insurance?
  12. WayneKerr

    Having to carry insurance

    I positively hate insurance, let me start by saying that.  *shrug* Anyway, how do you pay for auto insurance? Per month? or 6 month at a time?  We just got quoted for a $153 discount if we payed the hole 6months.
  13. nodle

    P2P Insurance

    Here's an innovative business plan for you: start up an insurance company whose sole purpose is to cover your customers' fines should they get busted for illegal file sharing, thereby creating a clientele that by default is composed completely of criminals. Well believe it or not, a Swedish...