1. nodle

    Intelligence Contractor Is Charged in First Leak Case Under Trump

    So I bet this girl thought she was doing something for "the movement" or felt empowered. I bet she doesn't realize how serious it is to divulge secret like that. When you take an oath for secrecy it's serious. You can even be punished by death. If I was this administration I would make an...
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    General of American Intelligence and 9/11
  3. nodle

    Overhaul Elevates Intelligence Director
  4. nodle

    Echelon keyword tracking and intelligence gathering

    I don't know if this really belongs in this forum or not. Because this is actually real. But this was brought up on the drive home yesterday between me and the wife about how the goverment can hear your every phone call, cell phone, email etc. She didn't believe me about the echelon program and...