1. D

    Journalist George Webb interview with Ella Free
  2. nodle

    Skype interviews

    I'm telling you this isn't the way Man was suppose to have an interview. Did my first one this morning and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. You can't shake hands and I just felt like a robot. I'm sure I totally bombed it too. Sad part is I know if I was there in person I would had been...
  3. nodle

    Drunkest eyewitness interview ever?

  4. ryanator

    Exit Interview stories...

    So does anyone have any good exit interview stories?...coughndboarderhint... I have one coming up by this Friday for a bank I worked for 6 years at, but it's with the CEO, not my supervisor. Basically, I built a great reputation the first 5 years, and it dwindled in the last year. My boss...
  5. nodle

    UFC Fighter dry-humps reporter for nearly the entire interview

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  6. nodle

    Alien interview

    Real or fake?
  7. nodle

    Buried Interview Proves Bush Planned Iraq War Before 9/11

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