1. nodle

    The Crotch Cooler

    So, hear me out. This is a great invention that would see millions of in the Summer. I kept noticing that some mornings at work I forget to zip up my pants. I used to always forget in school as well. My boss noticed and said, "I thought you would feel the draft". Then the idea hit me. Why not...
  2. nodle

    Ancient Inventions That We Still Don’t Understand

    I read though this article while eating breakfast this morning. While I have heard about quite a few of these a couple stood out. The Roman concrete was pretty neat to ready about.
  3. nodle

    New police dash cam - roof mounted

    So in light of a recent news story where a police dash cam did not capture a whole event since it took place on the drivers side door of the police vehicle. Why not have a new type of camera on police vehicles. No longer dash cams but a low profile roof mounted camera system than cam see 360...