1. nodle

    IOS ad blockers

    So I thought I would do a right up on the ad blockers out there for IOS. Since the introduction of IOS9 you can now block ads in Safari like you do with Firefox or Chrome. This is a great feature since your webpages load not only fast but they use less bandwidth and if your using your cellular...
  2. WayneKerr

    IGN has Valiant Hearts for free on iOS On iOS
  3. nodle

    IOS 8 announced

    Lifehacker has a great write up on the new features. Link
  4. nodle

    Nanaca Crash! now on Android/iOS

    @C Pav and @O-Tron would remember this. Android (Free) | iOS ($2
  5. nodle

    Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

  6. nodle

    Apple products and their iOS

    Well iOS7 is out now. I just did the update (which took forever). And I hate it. If I wanted a Windows phone I would had bought one. This is horrible. (n)
  7. nodle

    iOS 6 Removals

    First, Apple changes the search bar on Safari to read "Search" rather than "Google", gets rid of Google Maps, and now the YouTube app is gone! />
  8. WayneKerr

    Steam on iOS and android

    The other day I heard that steam was coming to iOS and to android. I got it loaded up on the ipods, but sadly I am not in the beta. I'm curious to know if anyone here is in the beta? OMIGOSH! The sales!
  9. WayneKerr

    What do you think of iOS gaming?

    So here are some reviews from games I have been playing on my wife's iphone. Tiny Zoo 4/5 Currently my favorite is tiny zoo. I wish it was available for steam. There are some pay-to-win aspects, but you can still have an exotic zoo by using the games "generic" currency. The other zoo games...