1. nodle

    The Legend of Iowa

    Oh man at first I thought this was a joke, but nope, it’s real. Enjoy the show.
  2. nodle

    Iowa caucuses disaster

    So I have a question, from what I am seeing online is most people were voting with a phone app? How is this legal? I thought you had to show up at a voting both display your ID then they check your name and address from a list? Anyone can download an app and not have to show an ID. How do you...
  3. nodle

    Iowa College Student Charged in M&Ms Assault on Police Officer

    DES MOINES, Iowa ? A 20-year-old Des Moines man has been charged with assaulting a police officer ? with candy. Sean McGuire, a student at Drake University, was arrested early Sunday at a convenience store, officials said. He allegedly threw several M&Ms at a Des Moines police officer, who...