1. nodle

    'Sacred' rare red cow born in Israel

    Kinda interesting. I have been seeing this make it's way around on the news. Apparently when an all red cow is born that can't start production on a third temple in Israel. But the red cow has to be perfect, they will inspect every single hair to make sure it's perfect. If it is then it means...
  2. nodle

    Israel is aiding terror group to kill Iran's scientists

    So my question is, since we have to go to war with terrorists. Does this mean that we would have to goto war with Israel?
  3. nodle

    Israel Has '8 Days' To Strike Iranian Nuclear Site
  4. nodle

    The war in Israel

    Well we see this going on, and it doesn't look very good. Now we all know Obama hasn't taken office yet. Plus Bush can remain in power during times of war. So how long do we see America help out and Bush remain in office? Think it will happen?