1. nodle

    China unveils plans for hypersonic jet

  2. nodle launches

    Amazon rival launches, vows lower prices
  3. ryanator

    Need help with clogged ink jet printer.

    Does anyone know a good ink jet print head cleaning method? I have a Canon Pixma MP830 all in one ink jet printer. It is 7 years old, but has always been a good printer. They utilize a system that has a separate print head that the five cartridges go into. I refill my own cartridges and...
  4. nodle

    Vulcan bomber

    Turn up your speakers. ;)
  5. nodle

    Jet disappears from radar in Indonesia

    Strange I wonder if this is a case like the Bermuda triangle? More here:/>
  6. ryanator

    Loud jet sounds at night in Dickinson??

    Has anyone else heard at night around Dickinson, a loud plane or something like it's flying over low? Several people I talked to around here also heard it too. Very loud and abnormal.
  7. nodle

    A jet ambulance

  8. nodle

    Wonder Woman's invisible jet - Hot Wheels
  9. nodle

    Watch a Harrier Pilot Almost Land His Jet! This happened just over a year ago, pilot supposedly reported a mechanical failure after takeoff. The reason the pilot stayed in the aircraft for so long was because there was a civilian plane about 30 feet off of the...
  10. nodle

    Russian Stealth Jet
  11. nodle

    UFO files: photographs of 'UFO next to RAF jet'
  12. nodle

    Jet Canyon Flight

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  13. nodle

    Low flying jet

  14. nodle

    UFO video shot from a jet over Germany

    The description says that the video was shot from inside a jet over Germany, the first part just shows the clouds below and it's not until the last quarter that the UFO is shown and that shot is repeated a few times. TgjuzrploLI