1. nodle

    Let's talk pocket knives

    Who here carries a pocketknife everyday? I do. I started to carry one years ago when I received one for my Birthday. To me it's a must have for daily carry. You would be surprised on how much you actually use it. Or people always ask "you don't happen to have a knife on you, do you"? So I was...
  2. nodle

    Credit card knife

    Pretty cool. I bet the TSA will love these. More photos
  3. nodle

    Knife-throwing Mom
  4. nodle

    Wasp knife
  5. nodle

    Student Arrested After Cutting Food With Knife

    :smt011 Souce
  6. C Pav

    Trauma Center: Under the Knife (DS) I am currently playing this game for the Ds and I love it. The story is you are a young doctor and you start at a hostpital out of medicle school. You perform surgeries using the touch screen and all sorts of medical tools such...
  7. nodle

    Ultimate swiss army knife

    Anyone care to get one for me? :-D LINK
  8. nodle

    Small calibur knife?

    I have never seen this before is it real?