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  1. nodle

    Oil Extractors

    Has anyone else used an oil extractor? I recently purchased one for my lawnmowers, and man what a life saver. So clean, no mess, and makes it fun. No more having to tip your lawnmower over, or mess with drain plugs. It works great and for the $60 dollars you can't beat it.
  2. nodle

    Lawn mowing

    Ah yes boys it's that time of the year again. As @jmanz always says "it's the call of the wild". The constant sound of mowers running in the distance. It has begun. Nothing like the early part of the Spring where you have to mow twice in one week just to keep up. Yes this is in the vent forum...
  3. jmanz

    New Lawn Mower

    My hand me down Toro lawn mower is on its last legs. Thinking about getting a Honda push mower possibly. Don't need too many options, just self propell mainly. Any other suggestions or experiences with Honda mowers?
  4. nodle

    Lawnmower Modding

    Whelp I have now seen it all. Source
  5. nodle

    Riding lawn mowers

    So yesterday my Dad brought me over a riding lawn mower. I have never owned one before. It's my fist time even using one. A friend of his bought a new one so my Dad took this one and went though it all and got everything ready and tuned up. It's a Craftsman Professional series and has I think...
  6. nodle

    Changed lawnmower oil

    I don't know why I was putting this off for so long. It was so easy to do. Picked up some sae 30 weighter, tipped the lawnmower over poured out the oil,then added the new. (yes the book recommends just tipping it over to change) I am use to an oil plug. But it did work and made it easy. Ran a...
  7. nodle

    World's fastest lawnmower

  8. nodle

    Lawn Mower Tricycle
  9. L

    Looking to purchase gently used red lawnmower

    Will pay $35