1. nodle

    Mysterious lights over Milwaukee 2/27/18

    What do you think?
  2. nodle

    Nanoleaf Light Panels

    Has anyone seen these RBG panels? They are sweet but not at a $200 price tag.
  3. nodle

    GE is phasing out CFL bulbs

    Good to hear. They were a good bulb of the time but l.e.d.s are the way to go. Source
  4. nodle

    Mysterious Lights Spotted South of San Diego

    I have to admit those are strange lights! :eek: Watch the video. News Link.
  5. nodle

    Slayer Christmas lights

  6. nodle

    Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On

    Has an 80's feel to it, and it has been stuck in my head all morning.
  7. nodle

    Glass sand traffic lights

    What a great idea!
  8. nodle

    US Marines see strange lights and hear whispers in the night
  9. nodle

    Strange lights over Texas,0,6835417.story
  10. nodle

    Phoenix lights back?

    PHOENIX ?  Red colored lights that formed a square and then a triangle were seen floating over north Phoenix late Monday, a sight reminiscent of an unexplained 1997 sighting that has become part of the area's lore. There was no immediate word where they came from. The Air Force said the...
  11. nodle

    Strange lights reported in north Valley sky

  12. O-Tron

    Friday Night Lights

    Has anyone here given this show a try? I personally think its the best show on TV right now. Very well written. It's loosely based on the book about a small Texas town's football team. You may have seen the movie, but the TV show is much much better. Each of the Dillion Panthers that is featured...
  13. Ludacris

    UFO lights over Montana lake??

    Here's a couple links to a video of a green annomily over a lake in Montana.  The first link offers an outside party's annalysis of what they think is going on with words typed on the footage.  The second link is the original and slightly longer version.  I find it interesting that there is...
  14. Ludacris

    Phoenix Lights

    Everyone's heard about it by now, just thought I'd post an old news clip about them.