1. D

    3/4 UK Graduates Will Never Repay Student Loans

    In the US I heard we are at 27 per cent default rate. Looks like Great Britain has us beat. A generation of recent college graduates are struggling to strike out on their own, burdened by a $1.4 trillion pile of debt that is ineligible to be erased by the tonic of bankruptcy protection.
  2. nodle

    Student loan recipients go on strike

    I have a problem with this. You borrowed the money, you pay it back. It's not our fault that you don't think it was worth it. I'm not footing your bill because you didn't use it. :mad: More
  3. nodle

    Student loan rates in the US double to 6.8%
  4. nodle

    Swat team called in for non payment on student loan

    Defaulted college loans. They executed a SWAT raid of a home over defaulted college loans.
  5. nodle

    Fed Refuse to Identify Bank Loans

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