1. nodle

    This picture really sums up America in 2020

  2. nodle

    Thing's that make you laugh (part deux)

    *HISTORY So shame on me for a itchy finger, but I deleted the old "things that make you laugh thread". I feel sick about it, but nothing I can do about it, so onward with a new one then.
  3. WayneKerr

    I LOL'D, then I :(

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  4. Ludacris

    lol, what kind of drigs is this guy on???
  5. C Pav

    LOL, Robyn did this at work yesterday!

    Yesterday an older gentlemen, or just some hard to listen to guy, called in and Robyn was talking to him. He stuttered and all that. Anyway, she was getting all frustrated with him and she actually said this: "Did you press the biddidy butt button" Something like that. I am sure she can...
  6. C Pav

    LOL, working for Nintendo video.....
  7. jmanz

    What a Mother LOL