1. nodle

    Magula - Makes loading a breeze

    Picked one of these up over the weekend. I have seen video on them and read the reviews of everyone raving about them. I must say after using it today, no more sore thumbs and makes loading go so fast. In fact it's kinda fun. A must have product!
  2. nodle

    2015 Economist magazine cover may be a cryptic calendar

    I found this interesting real interesting. Basically this is an old publication that has been around. It is run by the Rothschild family. They are the ones that attend the Bilderberg group meetings. This is where the power of the world, the real power meets and decides the years fate. Apparently...
  3. nodle

    Empire Magazine's Greatest 100 games of all time

    Interesting to see who got #1 Full list here: Link
  4. nodle

    Front magazine

    I would like a subscription please.
  5. nodle

    The internet magazine
  6. WayneKerr

    Magazine subscriptions

    Firstly, I gotta admit, I copied this from another forum.
  7. nodle

    Arnold *flaunts* nazi belt buckle on cover of Time Magazine! this is his father, Gustav, who was a high-ranking nazi officer:
  8. nodle

    Our Magazine