1. nodle

    Magnetic oil plugs and filter adapters

    I know some vehicles come with this stock, and some you can buy aftermarket. But what are your thoughts on magnetic oil drain plugs, or even the magnetic filter covers that attach to the side of your oil filters? Do you think they actually work? Their whole purpose is to catch any fine metal...
  2. nodle

    Magnetic water conditioners

    So recently we had to have a new well dug, and we re-did everything, I mean everything. All new lines etc. (my poor wallet ?) anyways this time we went ahead a plumbed in for a water softener. The area we live in is known for hard water. So most people have water softener systems. Since we redid...
  3. nodle

    Magnets sticking to people that got the Covid vaccine?

    Apparently if you got the vaccine a magnet will stick to you. :eek: